Sunday, March 3, 2013


Lets start this posting out with my arrival back in the Big Apple a week ago this evening. I started the journey here on a Badger Bus, a mode of transportation used primarily by college students and one woman who talked from Madison to Milwaukee on her throwaway phone to a friend about how the two of them were going get ripped on tequila and squirt cheese while watching the academy awards in celebration of her recent release from incarceration from a bar fight where she blooded a no-good fat bitch.
Every time we made a stop the driver did his welcoming speech and informed us that the wifi password was the clever "badgerbus". I pulled out me computer and for fifty-nine miles I used my left knee and hand as a stabilizing support for the vibrating bus table while trying to find the badger bus server with a one finger typing scheme from my shaking right hand. I never succeeded.
I did get to open up my computer a the airport and on the plane but I never did get on line. The airports and planes have found some perverse way of blocking my Verizon hot spot devise from working so you can only use their Gogo connection which, of course, comes with a cost.
By the time I got to the apartment I was too exhausted to open the lid on my MAC. Refreshed on Monday morning I set myself up to take a look at my email and get started back to work. I pressed the start button, the screen lit up in that soft fuzzy grey color. The wheel started spinning and then spinning and then...nothing. Time after time I tried to start up my link to the world, my best friend, the thing I rely on to get me through the day, but nothing. It had left me.
This is all in explanation for why I'm so late in posting this week. IO wait patiently, now linked to a temporary life line with a rental computer, while the best experts in the world work over the barely breathing carcass of my beloved friend and keeper of all too many secrets. Get well cards are greatly appreciated.

In the meantime I spent Thursday night equally discombobulated, but this time not necessarily because of my missing computer. I had RSVP'd to an event sponsored by the New York Design Center and 1stdibs for the Vera List Art Project, a philanthropic project where artists donate prints for sale with the profits benefiting Lincoln Center. Thinking the event was at Lincoln Center I thought I had all the time in the world to get from the apartment on West 75th Street to Lincoln Center on 63rd and Broadway. Wanting to arrive fashionably late for the event scheduled from five to eight I decided to walk the twelve blocks. I though six was an appropriate starting time. The weather was nice, why not? For the next hour and a half I walked from the opera to the ballet to the symphony and past the opening of Holland Taylor's new production of "Ann" without finding anyone who knew a lick about the Vera List event. It finally dawned on me that perhaps the event wasn't at Lincoln Center but somewhere else. At 7:45 I mad it into the elevator at 200 Lex and up to the 10th floor, home of the 1stdibs showroom, where I got the last glass of white wine and a carrot cake muffin. Here are some pictures of the event:

Daughter of the Circus
Michael Garlington, photographer
Represented by Gallery 291, San Francisco

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