Thursday, February 12, 2015


There's a stillness in the aftermath of a February snow storm. February Snow seems wetter sticking to the branches of trees, clinging like sugar candy to a twisted paper stick. Walking down deserted streets my breath rolls out in front of me in puffs of crystalizing vapor fogging my vision, hiding the flaws lying beneath the deceptive pure white snow. Approaching the cusp of spring there's always a fear of temperatures hovering near the freezing mark dropping swiftly down transforming the soft moist flakes into sheets of solid ice. Some call it black ice because you can't always see it hiding transparently on familiar surfaces obscuring its villainous components of danger and harm. My love travels that same February path of falling snow. It sticks to the branches of my life, sweetly, securely. I chose to see it through blurred vision softly falling amongst puffs of forgiveness and blind faith. Love is never perfect but with a veil of acceptance and a layer of snow we each turn into perfect objects of affection in the eyes across from us behind the veils. And every so often a dot of red blinks bright with passion amidst the blankets of white.
In my rearview mirror I see my lover in the stillness of a winter storm, blurred to perfection my love sticking to him like a blanket of wet snow.
As the seasons pass me by the bulk of winter slowly transforms to a blurred vision in my rearview mirror a million forgiveness's falling like a gentle wet snow with red buds and berries sprinkled over the many years.
Happy Valentine's Day

Coloring the holiday red with a spot of hot passion in the middle of winter's chill

Tuesday night saw the opening of Felicia M. Gordon's photographic love affair with fashion artist, Wendell Headly. Born from a chance encounter in Grand Central Station, Gordon, who was working as an attorney at the time,
became obsessed with Headley's unique design aesthetic. She dropped her attorney's robes and took up a camera following Wendell around the parks of New York City where he was king of his own castle. Where's Wendell.
After years of photographing Wendell and his couture work she has turned her photographs into a book,
In conjunction with Valentine's Day and New York Fashion Week, 1stdbs located on the tenth floor of the New York Design Center, has produced a show of Gordon's photographs,
a selection of Headley's art pieces and items from 1stdbs collection curated by designer, Sasha Bikoff. The show remains up through March 9th.

Wendell Headley and Park Visitors
Felicia M. Gordon, photographer

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