Friday, May 13, 2011


Twice a year the Madison art crowd hosts an event they call gallery night. On a miserable Wisconsin winter night last year we had accidentally stumbled on the event. It’s an event where businesses and artists open up their stores and studios for Madisonians to tour. Our neighbor, Kevin Earley a furniture designer, stopped by last week trying to encourage us to open our doors for this spring’s gallery night. We’d missed the sign-up deadline but Kevin told us not to worry. We put out our shingle anyway and hoped for the best

That night the weather fell into that perfect range of not too hot and not too cold. The rain that had persisted for most of the week had held off. We set the porch with hors d’oeurves laid out on Dan Levy porcelain platters, and white wine and bubbly water iced in galvanized garden buckets. I'd fashioned a makeshift chandelier out of some old rusted hurricane shades we had brought with us from New York.

We struggled to get everything displayed; we gave up with struggling over getting everything priced. Sometimes you have to choose your battles and pricing lost out.

A techno wizard I am not. I had spent the last week working on creating a slide show of our projects and press. The creative process here was filled with temporary failure and laced with profanity. As hard as it may be for any of you to image my succeeding at this; to all of you I say, “bite my butt”. Possibly due to the profanity you can now come and spend 23 minutes and 36 seconds reveling in the video genius of my technical triumph.  I even got the thing to loop.

Our little bungalow, now design studio and retail store, consists of two rooms: a front room and a back room,  with a bathroom off of the front room and a basement hidden under a secret trap door. Very cool.

While both front and back rooms share retail and design responsibilities,  the front is a little more retail while the back is a little more design. We’re not even close to dealing with the outside but when we’re ready to open that part we’ll let you all know.

Leslie Watkins, a college friend, has helped us out smearing the black paint under her eyes and going after some guerilla marketing.  She persuaded her Friday-after-work cocktail group to show up for the event, plus every friend from her facebook page, which I think includes half of Madison. With some of Kevin’s group meandering over the turnout for the event was perfect. At the end of the night all that was left was half a bottle of white wine and three lonely boccancini. 

Thank you to all who were able to show up and for those of you who couldn’t make it I’m including some photos of the event and the space we now refer to as Pleasant Living. 


The Critic, 1943
Represented by Hulton Getty

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