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We were thrilled that the women at Diane James Home decided to highlight our little atilier in Madison on their impressive blog, the Buzz,
These women, Diane and her twin daughters Carolyn and Cynthia, have crafted a niche in the floral design business of faux flowers so delicate and real their beauty has attracted a collection of devotees from Mario Buatta to Barbara Berry. Their verisimilitude so real even bees are deceived.
We first met Diane at the opening party for the Kips Bay Desinger Showhouse. If I remember correctly it was Diane who approached us first, one of the most elegant women we had seen, dressed in fire engine red and speaking gently about her floral designs. It’s one of those secrets of the trade, especially when doing something like a showhouse where your room needs to remain up and perky for an extended period of time. If you are not the landscape designer and you’re incorporating flowers or foliage in your room the cost of maintaining and refreshing your arrangements completely out-prices the use of an expert faux florist like Diane. Take a look at her work and then tell me: is it real or is it Memorex?

The selections from their online shop is superb and we can guarantee you won’t be disappointed in whatever you might chose to grace your home for season after season of floral artistry.

I have to admit I’ve become a bit of an addict at blog surfing. There’s so much out there in the interior design and decorating realm you could key through blog after blog 24/7 and never be able to absorb all of the talent and creativity out there. This week’s journey led me to Lori Gilder’s blog, Diary of a Renovation,
I scrolled through some recent posts and stopped dead in my tracks when I came to her April 26th post, “Interiors Fit For Royalty”. She started out with general information about the royal wedding but then went into some more personal information about the royal couple and their plans for their farmhouse makeover in North Wales. Here’s the gossip. Kate and Will have selected Beverly Hills Interior Designer, Kenneth Bordewick, a friend of Will’s father to redo the farmhouse in a casual and contemporary feel. According to Bordewick the couple said, “They want it to be casual and contemporary. It won’t be classical or old-fashioned. They know that the rest of their lives is going to be very traditional and want to let their hair down now with a typical young, newlywed house.”

Kenneth then went on to supply two images Kate and William had responded to as indicative of their taste. My jaw dropped when saw the picture of the skirted Emmy round side table front and center in the second picture. We’ve already dressed out American royalty with the Clinton’s master suite bed at their private residence in the Little Rock Clinton Library. What an honor it would be to cross the pond and dress out Will and Kate’s place as well. Kenneth, give us a call.


Linda Brazill and her husband were among the first to arrive at our grand opening. There are certain people who immediately imprint an impression on your retina. Linda is one of them. She walked into our opening looking like New York, a perfect blend of blacks, neutrals, linen and straw. We’ve been billing ourselves as the catalyst for bringing a bit of New York to Madison but this time New York came to us. We immediately found common ground to talk about and like the first page of a new novel where the words grab you and don’t let you go, Linda captured our attention with conversation and insights into Madison, design, pea gravel and the world. Her bio describes her as an artist by training, a journalist by trade and a gardener by choice.

Her blog: is as interesting as she is. I’m not a gardener, I’m not a writer, but I am able to appreciate beautiful flowers and artful writing. When Linda said she was going to include us as a post on her blog I knew the hype would inch the bar of our expected performance up several inches higher than we had anticipated. What remains is for us to work at warranting her kind words. Please visit her site over and over again. It’s well worth the time spent.

A series of email exchanges between Marcia Zia and Lee Melahn over a two day period

Marcia (as posted on my facebook wall):
I think Lee would look good in a fireman’s uniform

Got a very strange email with your signature. Something about how I’d look in a Fireman’s outfit. I think someone may have hacked your email. Did anyone else respond about a weird entry?
Love you guys,

Oh MY God. I don’t know how to say this but it was actually me. NOT that I am picturing you in a Fireman’s outfit!!! Oh Lordie. Sorry, Paul and I are laughing so hard right now!
EXPLANATION: It turns out that Facebook has a stupid new thing where they ask you a bunch of stupid questions about your “friends”. I am NOT familiar with Facebook at ALL and after getting a very strange email from someone else saying “Marcia accepts criticism very well” (odd, huh?) I clicked on the link to find out what the heck it was. It led me to Facebook and into the stupid question area where I kid you not, it asked me many questions including, Would Lee Melahn look good in a Fireman’s outfit? This would be one of the more Bizarre questions (thank God!) But at this point I was so frustrated that I just kept pushing yes to everything frantically!
I promise you it was nothing kinky or TOO strange, just Facebook trying to get people to interact with their friends. HOW embarrassing. This means that everyone else got an email too! Heh, heh. :( I hate Facebook. With. A. Passion.
Congrats on the store opening, by the way. So proud of you two. Any chance you were dressed like a Fireman? (I could just die)
Lots of  Love,

I'd do anything for the two of you including donning a fireman's outfit if this would make you happy, although I think it would only lead to disappointment and perhaps Firegate (if I were only that young, that fit, and that popular).

This one’s for you Marcia. You can pick which one you’d like to pin up on your wall
All my love,

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