Thursday, February 14, 2013


This one is getting in just under the wire. Valentine's day has always had me flummoxed. I definitely have a romantic side. I'll cry at chic flicks, heck I'll cry at a Folgers commercial. I'm not afraid to say I love you. I demand romance in a bedroom design, but I have a hard time wrapping my head around pink.
It may have come from my stay in California between undergraduate and graduate work that took me back to the Midwest. There was something about the profusion of pink in that Southern California architecture that reminded me of Pepto-Bismol and that would get my stomach churning.
So for today I'm going to try and get over my aversion of pink and embraces the holiday with a succession of images where pink has done the almost impossible of making me appreciate it or at least made me laugh. You can be the judge.
In design one of my favorite ways to swallow a gulp of pink is to pair it with a complimentary color. It tends to take the sweetness out.
Grey is also a way of butching up pink pulling it out of glitzy and giving it a more sophisticated appeal
Pink also seems to work better when you bring it into a vintage mid-century concept
And then there are those uses of pink that can't help make you gasp
or just make you smile.
So in honor of the day, here's to pink

Flying Colours, Part of MAC Cosemtics Campaign
Cindy Sherman, Photographer
Represented by Gagosian Gallery, NYC

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