Sunday, April 7, 2013


The scent of spring flowers, jasmine, lilies, hyacinths would fill your olfactory senses the minute you opened the doors at the corner of 34th and Broadway.
Macy's has been potting the first floor of the world's biggest department store with exotic plants since 1953. It has only been since the last couple of years that the show has been moved outside to temporary structure covered in canvas with a snaking rope line that made me feel as if I should have my id out, my shoes off and my computer placed in a separate bin.
This year's theme was "The Painted Garden",
a tour through southern Asia on back of tattooed elephant.
The colors are as hot as Indian spices.
The smells are as sweet as rose tea.
Take a tour of the raja's silken tent,
the turbaned trinket vendor's stall
and the amazing display of flowers.
The best part was at the exit door where a man in red Macy's jacket handed out ten dollar gift certificates to those who braved the line. Baby bought a brand new pair of shoes.

Tiger Paint for the Onam Harvest Festival
Credit: Reuters

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