Sunday, April 28, 2013


Two things happened this past week to inspire this week's post: one was client inspired and the other was media driven. 
Hokkaido, Japan, 2002
Michael Kenna, Photographer
Represented by  Robert Mann Gallery, NYC

Having a client who is all about serenity is a pleasure as long as the client is serene as well. This client has fulfilled that blend of having a soothing design aesthetic stretching our awareness of element and detail and at the same time allowing us the opportunity to begin designing a space that has energy and interest within that soothing envelope. For this we needed to combine both eastern Zen and western sophistication into one cohesive mix. We're at the beginning of the design phase so I thought I'd share some of our inspiration

Once again our friends at House Beautiful have decided to include us as contributors to their color tip section. This month the issue centered around tranquility, They let us be the lead quote along with a picture of one of our designs, a design wrapped around the word: tranquil. 

Untitled #147, 2003
Masatomo Kuriya , photographer
Represented by Yancey Richardson Gallery, NYC

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