Sunday, July 28, 2013


DAY 14, JULY 21, 2013
It felt almost too cold to get up this morning. The temperature can range from sweltering to a notch or two above frigid. We keep the windows wide open to let in the fresh air but by morning we were huddled under a big wool blanket my nose and forehead barely peeking out. If it hadn't been for the sound of the cicadas I might not have pulled the wool blanket down and seen the full moon still standing in the morning sky before it vanished behind the low lying cloud cover and the distant hills
Around ten I made my way down to the coop to pick up some milk for our coffee and we had run out of prosciutto. When I drove into Buonconvento they were busy setting up for an annual dinner they hold every year in the parking lot just outside the city wall. Two lines of craft vendors had set up shop on one side of the tent where the dinner would be held. A bunch of large agricultural equipment had been set up on the other side presumably for some sort of demonstration later in the day.
Now that Roger had arrived, the third sibling in the Vermeer clan, the kids spent most of the day in the pool, playing ping pong and some sort of board game involving a world map and military equipment. I couldn't wrap my head around that one.
While Emily, the sweetest little Danish girl, spent the day chasing Maggie round the grounds.
I got bored and took off on a sightseeing adventure of my own. I hadn't really taken any pictures of the continuous fields of sunflowers. On other trips here we seemed to have come later in the year, closer to August. By that time most of the sunflowers had been harvested and the fields had been turned over into piles of gray soil. This time we were given the gift of golden beauty from field after field of bright yellow blooms.
I meandered a little along the SR2 between Buonconvento and San Quirco d'Orcia, back to the grove of cypress trees so popular with any photographer trying to capture the quintessential image of Tuscany.
I waited for a half hour before the cloud cover moved on and the sun gave me a hint of light producing those long shadows of late afternoon.

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