Thursday, October 24, 2013


It's time for Martha to roll her outrageous pumpkins that no layman could possibly duplicate and every blogger is turning out a post on black candles and toilet seats, I kid you not. So I've decided to buck the crowd, go in a different direction and follow a path more whimsical than scary. What in the world of design can make you smile more than a shot of unexpected, uncharacteristic, or completely outrageous color?
A well-designed living quarter should be an expression of its inhabitant's lifestyle. Some of us show our sophisticated side, some show our more casual comfortable side, while others put on display their sense of humor. Some do it with a hint, a nod to the unexpected. As if the cuckoo clock wasn't enough painting it pink tipped the scales and rang my chimes. Who wouldn't smile like the Joker every morning you walked into this room for a cup of morning Joe.
Others throw subtlety out the door and go full speed ahead with their comedic approach. Granted this is probably the dream of some pre-teen little girl but who secretly isn't going to squeal with concealed appreciation for this room that's gone to the dogs.
Kitchens seem to be targets of amusement for many of us. Maybe it has something to do with our culinary capabilities. If we can make them laugh our lack of cooking skills may be overlooked. I know I'm going to have fun in this kitchen because the person doing their meal preparation here is always going to be cooking for an audience. I think even Julia Child would have felt comfortable here, there's no need for tidiness in kitchen where spilling the tomato sauce would only enhance the kitchen d├ęcor. But what's with all these cuckoo clocks?
Maybe it was a sale on cabinet doors that precipitated this Pantone color sheet of cabinetry. The humor here is more sophisticated, the colors are less raw, but the ability to smile at this design solution is still in play.
The sign on the wall here sort of tells it all. A couple of drama queens have taken trailer trash to an award worthy position in the Hilarity Hall of Fame. These guys know how to excess-orize.
We always give kids permission to have fun in designing their private quarters. What kid wouldn't want to spend time in here texting their friends and Vining selfies with a background looking this good?
It's a rare occasion when adults get into the act of color splashing especially when it's in a place as public as their living room. You have to give this color lover kudos for not holding back on this crazy living room. From multiple fabric patterns layered over a leaf inspired rug to the wide-striped walls to the swaged Federal clock draped over the sofa to throwing in those fire engine red pillows, you've got to give them credit for letting their fearlessness show.
An adult bedroom is rarely an appropriate place for bold color statements but this bedroom does it with panache. The subtle soothing grey tones here are enhanced by the staccato pops of canary yellow. Makes you want to know who is that man behind the yellow dot.
No color whimsy post can be complete without a nod to the master of color, Jamie Drake. Jamie may not look it but he's a gutsy man's man when it comes to color. The man is totally unafraid of being in your face with color splashing. Who is going to come into this bedroom and not want to jump into this bed. You know you're going to get lucky in a place that makes you feel this good. Thanks Jamie for making me smile in places where my insecurities reign. Who's going to think about their performance in a space that is so geared toward making you feel like you don't have to be someone you aren't, you don't have to take yourself so seriously, and life is about having fun.

Exposition a la Monnaie de Paris, 2009
David LaChapelle, photographer
Represented by Paul Kasmin Gallery

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