Monday, November 18, 2013


This is the latest I've ever been in getting out my weekly post.  We've been buried in getting our home ready for the holidays. For most that would mean putting together a grocery list and perhaps doing a deep cleaning.
For us it means new hardwood floors throughout the main floor, new tile in the entry and for the fireplace surround, all new windows, exterior soffits and gutter guards, and while we were at it all new baseboards and interior doors, a new ceiling in the living room (all already posted this one), painting almost every wall in the house, new window treatments and general all around decorating. The cleaning people don't show up until Friday.
Since my mind is filled with the mathematical calculations necessary for hanging a wall of pictures, my fingers are covered in 50 shades of gray paint and my body is stooped more than usual from loading everything I'll never see again but couldn't afford to give away into the crawl space below the kitchen. I going to ask for a pass for this week.
As we empty out the Pods and ll I'm capable of is a little tease of what I hope will be a series of peeks into the new Shaver/Melahn residence, a cottage in suburbia.

Palace Theater, Gary, Indiana, 2008
Andrew Moore, photographer
Represented by Yancey Richardso

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  1. New hardwood floors, tile in the entry and for the fireplace surround, windows, exterior soffits and gutter guards – that’s a lot of work! But even if the process is stressful and overwhelming, seeing such good progress is very rewarding. I hope it will continue this way. Enjoy!

    Chelsea @ Gutter Helmet®