Friday, January 27, 2017


Blogging for me is mostly a conversation with myself. It's a way of sorting through a running dialogue of thoughts and ideas and giving them some clarity. These past several months have demanded more sifting and internal arguing than usual. During quiet time I tend to play a mind game of chasing design inspiration but those pursuits have had to take a back seat to politics and a view of the world that has more than my design ideas and me in it. I've not kept my politics a secret. I bend way more to the left than I do to the right. Age has softened me a bit but I'm still pretty sure of an injustice when I see it.
That's why I marched on Saturday. I marched with my daughter because it was called a Women's March. I marched with my gay brothers and sisters because when I was trapped in the closet fear kept me from accepting my own self-worth. I don't want another generation of gay children to doubt their right to a world where they shouldn't be as qualified as anyone else.
I marched with the families that pushed strollers of children worried about a world that might melt away because of our inability to take care of it.
I marched with this octogenarian who proudly wore a pussy hat her head held high.
I marched and I asked what's next.
We marched five years ago along with unimaginable large numbers against a state government whose self-interests were wildly opposed to my own. Yet marching alone didn't help but persistence did. A federal court has finally come to the conclusion that a Republican state congress bent the laws in their favor and their gerrymandering of the state is being judicially challenged.
I love my bubbles of Madison and New York where sanity still seems to have some relevance. I love that my neighbors are willing to get out and shout against injustice. I love that we are still willing to welcome those facing starvation and death into our communities with open arms.
I don't wan to become an isolationist. I miss my Obama's. I know they'll resurface. I know I'll march every time it means standing up for those I care about. I'll sent out letters that won't be read but my name will be out there. I promise not to become complacent. I hope you will do the same.
This took less than 60 seconds to find out a way to support Senator Elizabeth Warren's request for an audit of President Trump's finances. A call went out to the Comptroller General of the Government Accountability Office. We were told that the most effective way to be sure our support counted was to email two administrators: Katherine Siggerud and Timothy Minnelli. At and
Here is how to format your email:
Subject line:
Audit for President Trump's financial concerns
Dear Ms. Siggerud and Mr. Minnelli
I'm writing in support of Senator Elizabeth Warren's request for an audit of President Trump's finances, to prohibit conflicts of interest that would prevent him from carrying out the responsibilities of the office without corrupt influences
Copy, paste and send
Flower Power, 1967
Bernie Boston, photographer for the Washington Star

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