Thursday, February 23, 2017


It was about halfway back on I94. It was late afternoon a week ago Wednesday when the sky began a slow burn into a show stopping extravaganza of light and color. The elements of the heavens have to align in a particular way to create a spectacular sunset. There has to be just the right kind of cloud cover with enough open space to let the light of a setting sun through. It can trick you at first seeming to only touch the cool end of the spectrum but soon the entire spectrum of color emerges and drives any photographer speechless. I wasn't handsfree on last Wednesday night but during the next week the gods of beauty gave me three more chances to snap away. Here's what I saw on those three amazing evenings.
Sometimes the world offers up a sunset so amazing it can wash away all the things that seem so unimaginable and it did it four times in one week in South-central Wisconsin

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