Saturday, November 25, 2017


Hunting season began last weekend and to soften the thought of shooting Bambi and his mother for all of us anti-gun tree huggers Cynthia Weston hosted her bi-annual Divine Treasure Estate Sale in Lake Mills.
I had attended my initial foray into this estate sale back in the spring/summer of this year. The spring/summer version had no diversionary tactic as its reason for existing. It was just time to welcome the end of winter and what better way than with a great big sale.
The winter version, however, seems as if it might be calculated as compensation to the widowed partners of the dead hunters, or worse, compensation to those having to deal with the likes of the more unsavory prizes of the kill brought back by their hunters
The winter version of the sale didn't hold back and wasn't a disappointment. It was as equally enjoyable as the earlier spring version
Right at the front door Santa was there to give you a big ho-ho-ho getting you in the spirit to buy-buy-buy
The Chihulyesque chandelier still hung from the star encrusted ceiling,
the ladies were again all decked out in costumes and outrageous hats
and there was a slew of vintage and antique pieces all displayed in vignettes making the hunting process so much easier.

Santa not only stood outside the door but he was present in just about every nook and cranny inside as well
He was outfitted, bag in hand, with an armless Mrs. Claus
and captured in miniature form and held for ransom in a birdcage jail under the watchful eye of the stuffed Doggie Deputy
Christmas wasn't the only holiday featured in a vignette spread out around the room
It was followed by this speakeasy sultriness complete with a bevy of beautiful decanters and some fancy attire for your New Year's celebration.
If you dug a little deeper you could find the perfect gift for Valentine's Day
Or a couple of antique bobble heads and some ceramic steins to pull out for St. Patty's Day
And even though Halloween was behind us there were plenty of the things to scare the bejesus out of you.
Our daughter walked away with the this vintage poster for her room as if her room wasn't already scary enough
The sale always has a touch of being one big curiosity cabinet where you'll find the forlorn and discarded hiding in painted boxes
or a carved baby sculpture tucked behind a funeral floral basket waiting to be rescued
Even a stuffed iguana is there for the taking
We succumbed and brought home this amazing collection of insects held securely in place within this glass display box.
The sale also played with my mind faking me out on several occasions as I turned around and excused myself to what turned out to be nothing more than a mannequin.
There was also plenty to ponder over for the kids or the kid within us
From toy boats our father's might have made for us in our youth or a wooden doll brought back from a trip overseas
To beautiful antique baby clothes
To a complete game set of the non-PC Cooties. We couldn't resist the checkerboard game table. It had to come home with us as well.
This sale is amazing and will continue to be in my calendar every time an invitation shows up in my mailbox
Everyone is welcome no matter the species. There's no dress code. You can come wrapped in a blanket
Beauty is lit up everywhere. If all you want to do is observe you're welcome
If your significant other didn't bag the big one you can help them out with a wall trophy sure to please
Or send them off with a lure sure to bring in a real catch next year and giving you the ticket to come back to the Devine Treasure Estate Sale when winter turns to spring

Bee Gee's, New York, 1984
Wayne Sorce, photographer
Represented by Joseph Bellows Gallery, San Diego

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