Tuesday, January 9, 2018


Our holiday had finally come to an end. On a last wish and a prayer we'd hoped to get into the Christian Dior exhibit thinking that if we got up early enough we could maybe score a place in line that wouldn't have the six hour wait we were looking at on the day before. Sunday was to be our last day and the last day of the exhibit. Light doesn't seem to peek over the horizon in Paris until after eight in the morning and that Sunday morning neither the sun nor us were willing to wake up. The sun hid behind its blanket of clouds and the rain came at the windows of our room in gentle waves erasing the thought of getting up and standing in a line in the damp darkness. An umbrella might keep our heads dry but our feet and legs would be soaked and chilled. We all huddled in that morning and didn't get out until after noon. Having abandoned the idea of going to the Dior exhibit we decided on the Louvre, it would be indoors and dry.
There were still lines for the Louvre but they were quick. Because it was Sunday the entrance to the museum was free; free meaning it was crowded with other tourists trying to avoid a cold and wet winter day.
When we got there we decided to avoid the obvious, Mona would have to wait, instead we decided to stroll through the courtyards of the Louvre where Roman, Greek and European sculpture were shown.
Being as visual as I am it's hard to not see a photograph wanting to be taken by every sculpture we passed.
It was as if each one beckoned to be photographed against the stunning backdrop of the Louvre. I obliged.

To top off that last evening we went to the Eiffel Tower.  During the evenings right on the hour, the tower becomes a light show with flashing lights that burst for five minutes and then are gone like a bolt of lightning.
And now so are we.

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