Friday, February 16, 2018


The New York Gift Fair more recently know as NY Now feels more like an obligation than a true hunt for something really great and new. We used to spend days doing every aisle, miles and miles of aisles. I've now limited my hunt to the home section although that is somewhat of a misnomer. There are aisles within the Home Section that seem more directed toward the jewelry industry offering body ornamentation over décor for a client's coffee tables. The plus side of this shortened hunting grounds means I can now scan the show in about two hours tops and my feet appreciated that.
I can't go away without pointing out a few highlights even if some of those highlights I've pointed out time after time before.
I'm going to start with Bunakara. They've been a tried and true favorite. One I've highlighted every time they've appeared at the event.
Their upholstered furniture definitely travels way outside the proverbial box. These armed side chairs with a single dip-painted leg blow me away every time I see them. The way they've incorporated the upholstered frames is genius.
Now add to their furniture collection their incredible linens and you have a real winner. It takes the right client but you can bet once we cross paths I'll be dialing up Bunakara with a big order!
I also want to get this one out of the way up front. I've shown Joe Cariati's work several times. His glass forms are absolutely surreal.
There's such richness to his color choices. These teal decanters with their golden baubles were showstoppers. Joe's work is pricey but if you've got the coin these pieces are a great investment.
It's been harder and harder to find new blood at the NY Now show but there were a few new gems that caught my eye, r.Lusk Studios was one of them. It's the artistry of the owner who has designed wall panels and printed fabrics that are inspiring and gorgeous. It's his use of cultural motifs that he hand draws using gold and silver gilding applied to fabrics that makes his product unique. His next step needs to be fabric and wall covering and then I'm in.
Another new find of a first time exhibitor that I took a real shine to was Anchal. They have a line of fabric products that they produce out of Asia. I love their color palette. I love their designs and I love that all of their pieces are hand sewn in beautifully done embroidery stitches.
You're all going to see where my personal tastes lie with this entry into my book of likes. Taylor Linens was my first stop in touring the Home section this year. Detail is everything to me and Taylor Linens had it in spades. The first thing I feel in love with was the pleating on this duvet cover.
Then they cinched the deal with their quilting and the use of these button closures on these beautiful linen pillowcases.
Outpost Original is the product design child of South African Charlotte du Toit. It's now a Montreal based firm specializing in a breadth of decorative objects and home décor.
There's a clear sense of Charlotte's origins in the product line and that gives Outpost Original the edge and niche market share it deserves.
There's no reason to tell Go Home to Go Home. I welcome them to the show every year with their steady and strong product line. Each year they've upped the ante with new additions to their line that speak directly to their customer base. It's a line that's traditional in a good way. You know you can count on them to have just what you need.
Most of my clients know how I feel about Jonathan Adler but I need to give him kudos when the kudos are deserved. His booth this year was pure joy.
Color always plays a role in his booth and this time the palette was more delicate making the whimsy much more inviting. Let that end my tour until next August when the winter show begins.

Hyper #16
Denis Darzacq, photographer
Represented by Laurence Miller Gallery

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