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The tulips have drooped and the hydrangeas have all wilted. Another chapter of Macy's Flower Show has been tossed into waste bins and the aisles of the main floor in Macy's Manhattan store have been swept clean of any evidence of its springtime flower show.
It was a show of knights and dragons and castles all part of  the imaginative theme "Once Upon a Springtime".
Inside the Herald Square store a botanist's dream dropped petals between purses by Michael Kors and perfumes by Channel.
Dragons blew fireballs of golden blossoms over a packed horde of shoppers more mesmerized with the decorations than the product.
Gypsy caravans rumbled through the fragrance aisles bearing more varieties of spring's bounty than one would expect to find anywhere else but at Macy's.
No fairytale would be complete without it's villains and haunted woods. Macy's fairytale was not without its wicked witches and scary skulls.
But one could also count on the appearance of the knight on shining armor at the ready with sword and shield to slay the lurking evils
Inside the brass front doors off of Broadway it was a thrill for children and adults alike to cross the castle's drawbridge and enter "Once Upon a Springtime" creating a lasting memory of awe for all.
Once outside it was a fairytale come to life in a series of windows that appeared like pages out of a storybook where knights on green horses fought orange scaly demons.
Gingerbread houses with thatched rooves made you imagine the damsels soon to be found in distress abducted and locked up in a castle's tower or poisoned by a bright red apple..
Boughs of spring blooms broke through the glass walls of the outdoor displays and hung over your head while huge green cuddly monster most kids would love to find under their bed lurked beneath a floral covered bridge.
Finally there was the princess herself dressed in a floral gown in conversation with a fleet of magenta butterflies
One has to hand it to Macy's and the effort they put into every holiday making lifetime memories for everyone who has had the opportunity to experience their beautiful displays. I may not be a full-time Macy's customer but as much as I can I want to support them in the hopes that they won't end up having to go the way of so many brick and mortars and end the magic they've provided me and millions of others.

Herald Square, 34th and Broadway, Manhattan, 1936
Berenice Abbott
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