Thursday, January 12, 2017


I’m not sure if this was a reaction to the debate over global warming but the thought of looking forward to spring and the chartruesy green preceding the burst of springtime flowers is a welcome transgression from the chill of winter and the conceit that the North Pole isn’t melting into our oceans.
There’s a freshness to Pantone’s choice of Greenery for this year’s color that helps to wipe away the bitter taste of 2016.
That said Greenery isn’t an easy color to weave into an interior design scheme but when it comes to color one should look first at the master and that’s Jamie Drake.
Others have tried by successfully using touches of leafy green on accent walls.
Kitchens seem to be able to hold the green of spring in cabinetry within a traditional format
Or here in a very contemporary look where the green is not only accented but highlighted by dramatic lighting
Designers have figured out ways to use green in ways that make it peaceful and serene giving a room the relaxed quality of a meadow
Our friends, the Madcap Gents, have used it in their signature style taking green and mixing it with whimsy in a way that can’t help but make you smile.
Interior design, of course, isn’t the only design field to follow the color trends.
Of course the fabric houses have all jumped on board. Kravet, one of my go to showrooms, pulled out a display of their entries into the color of the year sweepstakes within second of Pantone’s announcement.
Product design was also right there on the cutting edge of color and greenery in the way of furniture
and of course in fashion
Even we have run our toes through the green grass of product design with our Cottage Grove line of painted furniture
Take a look at our Key Hole Side Table offered in a wide range of colors but shown here in a shade very close to greenery.
Maybe greenery may be a little temporary bandage to lift our spirits the way spring always seems to do. Hopefully a little green like the sprouting blades of grass that come with a new year can calm our nerves for a few seconds or give us a place to hide when the next shoe of 2017 falls.

Didier Massard, photographer
Represented by Julie Saul Gallery, NYC

Friday, January 6, 2017


I'm starting out the New Year by introducing a new way of presenting some posts to our blog. Starting back in last year, a year I'd like to forget, we also began featuring our brand on Instagram, a format propelled more through the visual than the narrative. That, along with my iPhone becoming my camera of choice, will lead me to constructing, every so often, a post that will be more picture focused than story. Each of these posts will be thematic and since the vehicle will be our photography the Gallery tag will not appear. The by-line is Shave/Melahn, photographers, represented by Pleasant Living, LLC. We're hoping you don't think this is too pretentious but I'm sure you'll let us know. So to start out 2017 I went through my stored pictures and pulled out everything I liked tied to restaurant architecture mostly form the outside but some from within. Other than identifying locale that's about all you're going to hear from us. Here goes! Let us know what you think
The Extra Virgin at night
Doormen outside the St. Regis helping guests and diners out of their cars, cabs and limos
Trailer Park on 23rd
New York City's Russian Tea Room
The block line for ice cream at Morganstein's
A Bieber-esk car in front of Cafeteria on Seventh Avenue
The bar at the Campbell Apartment in Grand Central Terminal
A coffee shop down a Chicago alley
A restaurant in Delft, Holland
A vintage car outside in The Immigrant in the East Village
Inside Danny Meyer's pizza restaurant, Marta in the NoMad section of Manhattan
A bike outside a pub in Dublin
Stone Street Tavern, Financial District
A boar's head outside a restaurant in Orvietto, Italy
Gatsby's downtown
The outdoor café behind the Library at Bryant Parks
Prague's Fred and Ginger restaurant
An East Village café
Caffe Reggio on Macdougal Street, Greenwich Village
A neighborhood restaurant in Rome
Grove Street Village restaurant
Inside Freemans off of Bowery and hidden down Freeman Alley
Outdoor seating in Prague
Berghoff's in Chicago
Lunch or dinner in Bushwick
Babette in Barcelos, Portugal
The open kitchen at La Degustation in Prague
Little Prince on Prince Street in Soho
An Ethiopian restaurant at the end of Bleeker Street
Pershing Square Central Café under the Park Avenue underpass