Friday, December 15, 2017


This is a photographic ode to the beauty and magic of the Holiday windows of New York City. No one does it better. From Fifth Avenue to Herald Square and then up to the upper Eastside lights and creativity burst from behind sheets of sparkling glass. Here's to the kid in all of us, like Ralphie in a "Christmas Story" eyeing the retail holiday windows in his factious Indiana hometown it still puts a smile on my heart seeing Santa and his sleigh flying circles through a Christmas Eve night sky.
Macy's and Hallmark teamed together to give us the fantasy of gift giving.

Lord & Taylor used to be my favorite when they did realistic depictions of New York City Christmas Landmarks from the past. Lately they've transitioned into more techno current versions of the holidays but this year I was a little more impressed

Saks not only astounds with the magic of its windows but they put on a light show that runs several times an hour
This year Saks is honoring the eightieth anniversary of Disney's animated feature "Snow White".

Bergdorf Goodman chose to celebrate the abundance of New York's many museums from the Museum of the Moving Image to the New York Historical Society

The windows at Ralph Lauren were well worth the trek up to Madison and East 72nd Street. These windows even amazed in the daylight.

Even though I've walked the streets of windows several times already this season tomorrow we do the windows as a family and that's when our Christmas Holiday begins

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